For immigrants in ad agencies, uncertainty nags.

March 14, 2017

“Advertising needs multiple cultures and people with different perspectives to thrive, and a lot of my clients are already having second thoughts about bringing in foreign talent.”

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Madison Avenue's Struggles With Diversity Were on Full Display at Cannes
By Nathalie Tadena

June 27, 2016

 "We're recruiting more women, but we also need to promote them and create an environment where they can be successful," Ms. Marcus said in an interview.

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Karin Drakenberg of StrawberryFrog on movement marketing, gender equality and 'NYC kindness'
By Michael Feeley

January 17, 2019
"fortunately we had Anne Marie Marcus the esteemed NYC industry expert on our board. She was incredibly helpful to us in our first few years. We also brought some key staffers over from StrawberryFrog’s office in Amsterdam, including Corinna Falusi, Jo Pugh Fisher and Jon Vall, and Richard Monturo."
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No Rush for Agencies to Replace Bigwig Creative Chiefs
By Lindsay Stein

January 13, 2016
"It is to find that unique person with everything that is asked of them nowadays, and it's such an incredibly difficult role with a combination of talent that you can rarely find in one person."
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Can In-House Agencies Ever Be Great?

October 07, 2013
"Really good creative people want to be in a creative environment. They have a fear of not being part of that type of environment. Apple, Target, Facebook and Google have got that creative reputation but few others do."

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Ad Age's Guide to Marketing Recruiters
By Natalie Zmuda

November 04, 2010
"Marcus St. Jean focuses on the creative side of the agency world, placing everyone from junior-level talent up to chief creative officers in positions both domestic and abroad."
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No Wukkas: The Best Headhunters In The Business
By SuperSpy

October 04, 2008
"Led by Anne Marie Marcus... this recruitment firm is considered one of the best."
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Creative Exodus in Adland: It's Just Not 'Fun' Anymore
By Matthew Creamer

September 20, 2010
"Ms. Marcus' big piece of advice for agencies is that agencies decide whether they want someone who can be easily plugged into an existing culture or someone they're willing to build around."
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Help Wanted: Creative Types
By Suzanne Vranica

June 03, 2010
"The recession may be easing, but the tough economy has left a gaping hole in one of Madison Avenue's most critical operations: the creative department."
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Talent scouts: The most powerful recruiters in advertising
By Shareen Pathak

March 25, 2015
“There are real constraints in our industry,” she said, referring to the intangible things that may or may not make someone a good hire."
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As Economy Picks Up, Big-Name Agency Talent Takes to the Exits
By Rupal Parekh

April 19, 2010
"It's a very, very difficult thing to open a new agency in the U.S. and especially in New York," said Ms. Marcus. But "it keeps the industry vibrant."
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There's Creative Work to Be Done
By Andrew McMains

November 09, 2009
"It's a positive sign that there is activity," said Marcus, expressing an industry-wide sentiment, "and, as a result, the freelance market has bounced back in a good way."
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June 24, 2008
"I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best headhunters in the world. And some of the very worst. Many headhunters are independent and truly serve the interests of the talent and the agencies seeking talent."
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Agency, Production Company Moves Pick Up Pace at Year's End

December 12, 2010
"But the major difference," adds Marcus, who says her office is busier than it's been in some time, "is that many of these moves reflect a new sense of confidence on the part of agencies. It's at a level we've not seen in the past year or so, and we think it's very encouraging.”
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